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Primal Finish can take your firearm to the next level. Whether you want to blend into nature or stand out in a crowd.


Primal Finish is familiar with all categories of firearms. From the most inexpensive handguns to over $15,000 full custom rifles.


We at Primal Finish pay strict attention to detail with every project. Nothing leaves the shop until it is right.


We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. We give realistic time estimates before you ship your firearm, and strictly hold to those time frames.

What we do...


Coating a gun with an effective camo pattern is not difficult and has been done by many companies. However, we at Primal Finish take the camo process a step farther. We want the camo patterns to be not only functional, but also attractive. Coating a firearm in a camo pattern that is both functional and looks good takes a lot of practice and experience. Primal Finish will coat your firearms in a pattern that is both effective in the wild and will be visually appealing.

What we spray...


We use Cerakote because it is the best firearm finish made. It is only about 1 mil (0.001”) thick which allows almost every part of a firearm to be coated without interference. (even threads in most cases) Cerakote is highly abrasion, corrosion, chemical, UV, and temperature resistant. You won’t have to worry about oils, sunlight, or even most cleaning chemicals affecting the finish. Cerakote can be applied to most any substrate including stainless, aluminum, titanium, polymers/plastics, and even wood. About the only thing Cerakote won’t adhere to is rubberized parts.

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Some of our available patterns...
What can we Cerakote?

Have a look at some of the many different things we've coated.

Rifles // Traditional & Custom

Primal Finish coats rifles from off the shelf basics to full custom builds. We coat barreled actions, stocks, bolts, desert tech, AI, tactical, or hunting rigs.

Tripods // Carbon, Metal, Poly, & Accessories

Primal Finish coats any number of tripods. We can coat anything from entry level aluminum tripods to high end carbon fiber tripods. We have coated many RRS tripods, ball heads, leveling bases, and rifle clamp systems.

Rifles // AR's, AK's, & More

Primal Finish coats ARs, AK’s, upper & lower receivers, hand guards, stocks, or other related rifle parts. We also coat shotguns and other long guns.

Components // Suppressors, Barrels, Etc.

Primal finish coats individual forearm components. We coat barrels, suppressors, individual hand guards, small parts from screws to safety levers, to bolt knobs. We specialize in contrasting flutes on fluted components such as bolts and barrels.

Handguns // Poly, Hybrid, & Steel

We coat small pocket pistols to full revolvers, to high end semi-automatic pistols. We coat polymer frames, custom milled slides, triggers, revolver cylinders.

Accessories // Mags, Mounts, Optics, & More

Primal Finish coats magazines, scopes, scope bases, scope rings, tripod mounts, sling attachment points, bipods and more. Primal Finish is an authorized Atlas dealer and coat a brand new bipod for you or coat a bipod you already own.

What our clients are saying about us...

I sent Primal Finish my brand new Desert Tech rifle, suppressor and Carbon Fiber Tripod, called Daniel and talked through the details of what I wanted. Daniel was very professional and was a pleasure to speak with, his pricing was very competitive and he was very detailed in his process. About a week after he received my items he called me and said everything was done and he would send pics and tracking info. The pics he sent were great but nothing compared to when I got my packages in the mail. I was absolutely blown away at the attention to detail and how chassis matches the hand-guard, the fluted barrel was insane and the packaging was much better then what I shipped to him, everything bubble wrapped and in perfect order. I will only be using Primal Finish for all my future Cerakote jobs and would highly recommend Daniel for anyone that expects only the best in Cerakote finishing.

Mark Echols // //

I had Primal Finish coat my wife’s pistol as a Christmas present. The work was quickly and professionally done. They even managed to match the color to her carry holster. I would definitely recommend them and use them again.

Serge Shoemaker // //

I have done business with Daniel at Primal Finish for about a year now. I have seen Cerakote jobs by other people and hands down Daniel is the best! His quality of work and attention to detail is exceptional. All of my customers have loved his work. I won’t use anyone else for my  Cerakoting.

Brandon Beegle // BDT Tactical //

Cerakote is a quintessential aspect of a properly thought out precision rifle. The corrosion resistance and investment protection aspects of Cerakote combine with the customers aesthetic preferences or application requirements to produce a flawlessly functional and beautiful rifle.

At Primal Rights, our customer service and satisfaction is the very bedrock of our business. We provide the highest levels of quality found anywhere in this industry. The expectation is set very high, so it was important for us to find a Cerakote finisher that understood the virtues of truthfulness in all of their dealings. Primal Finish has provided our customers with a finishing service comensurate with our own level of satsifaction. This is not easily done, and we will continue to value Daniel's contribution to our organization. 

Greg Dykstra // President - Primal Rights, Inc //